AUSECO, Investigating the World
Science Stage 4 Field Study ExcursionStage 4 Investigating The World 
Camp Kedron, Ingleside 
Bantry Bay, Forestville
Manly Dam, Allambie Heights
Camp Coutts, Waterfall

Excursion Synopsis 
Students will identify elements of the biotic and abiotic environment and undertake some map work before heading into the bush to examine the natural environment and observe human impacts on the area. 

A comparison of two communities will be undertaken to examine the affect of abiotic factors such as aspect (determined using a compass) and soil moisture on the distribution of tree species (identified using a dichotomous key). 

Other characteristics such as light intensity and soil pH will also be measured. The impact of human activities on the area will be examined and discussed. A creek water animal catch will be undertaken to determine the health of the creek by using the animals as indicator species.
Mt Keira, Wollongong 

Excursion Synopsis
Students will undertake some map work, identify land uses and examine human impacts on the rainforest from a lookout.

Students will measure physical characteristics such as foliage cover and soil moisture in the open forest and rainforest. Rainforest trees will be identified using a dichotomous key.

Students will use features of the rainforest to classify it and construct a structure profile. A rainforest animal catch will be undertaken to emphasise the connections between species.

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