Senior Science Field Study Excursion Sydney
Science Stage 4 Field Study ExcursionStage 6
Senior Science Excursions

Combination Water for Living and Local Environment  
Bantry Bay, Frenchs Forest
Camp Coutts, Waterfall
Camp Kedron, Ingleside

Excursion Synopsis 
Students will use quadrats to examine tree distribution and abundance and the effects of abiotic factors such as soil pH, soil depth and soil moisture on tree growth in two plant communities. 

Human environmental impacts on waterways will be investigated by comparing two creeks in the area by identifying weeds and testing pH, turbidity and phosphate, as well as catching water animal indicator species. 
Local Environment

Mt Keira, Wollongong 
Excursion Synopsis 
Human impacts on the rainforest ecosystem are studied from the lookout at Mt Keira. From here we consider how through governance these impacts may be limited. 
We then move down into the rainforest area and study how the abiotic and biotic factors are impacting on the distribution and abundance of tree species in the rainforest ecosystem.  Aspects measured include soil moisture, foliage cover, tree height, soil texture, soil pH and aspect.
We also look at the adaptations of a plant and animal from the ecosystem. The animal students catch independently in the rainforest. 

Long Reef Rock Platform, Collaroy
Excursion Synopsis
The rock platform ecosystem is composed of various environments. Students investigate how the distribution, diversity and numbers of plants and animals found in these areas is determined by biotic and abiotic factors. Abiotic factors measured include temperature, pH and salinity. 
We also study the adaptations of a plant and animal from the ecosystem that the students catch independently in the rockpools. The trophic interactions of these species with others is then considered with the data for a food web collected. 

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