Field Study Virtual Excursions - Secondary – Science - Stage 6
Science Stage 4 Field Study ExcursionVirtual Excursions 

AUSECO has developed two virtual excursions for our Year 11 Biology and Year 11 Earth and Environmental Science programs. Programs for Stage 4 & 5 Science are currently in production - stay tuned!

Year 11 Biology
Ecosystem Dynamics

Long Reef Rock Platform, Collaroy
Excursion Synopsis 
Students will examine the distribution and abundance of tidal rockshelf animals using quadrats and study zonation using a transect. 
Abiotic components such as temperature and salinity will be measured and human impact will be discussed. Relationships between organisms will be studied and a species list will be generated. 
A producer and a consumer organism will be identified using a key and studied in detail to observe their structural features and adaptations. 

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Year 11 Earth & Environmental Science
Earth's Resources & Human Impact (Module 1 & 4 combination program)

Bantry Bay, Frenchs Forest

Excursion Synopsis
Students will discuss the formation of the Earth's geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere.

Students investigate the local geology of the Sydney region and examine the local sandstone rock using hand lenses and microscopes, to observe the particle sizes and shapes and determine the conditions of deposition. Students also investigate the soils of the area, and determine its (a) texture class by centrifuging a soil sample and referring to a ternary graph; and (b) pH using soil pH kits.

Human environmental impact will be assessed for the biosphere and hydrosphere. Human impact on the vegetation will be investigated with a line transect identifying weeds. Human impact on waterways will be investigated at two creeks in the area by identifying weeds, pH & phosphate tests and catching water animal indicator species. Creek management strategies will be discussed in relation to creek quality testing results. The impact of an installed Gross Pollutant Trap in Forestville will be assessed as a management strategy to combat water pollution. 
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